How To Get A Hotel Customer To Book

You have worked hard to get a potential customer to visit your website, but the job is only half done... A potential customer is just a potential customer shopping around on internet for his / her best solution. The question is, how do you convert them in your email marketing?

Here we go on a very hot topic that is hugely misunderstood. It is not only about how much traffic you get to your website, if you can’t convert them into customers it’s of little use. There are beautiful hotel websites that hardly convert at all while a less beautiful (sometimes very simple) website is converting like crazy, why this? what’s the difference?

You Have 8 seconds

Statistically a visitor to your website spend 8 seconds deciding if they should stay on or continue to another site. I hope you understand that you need to make a very quick and clear first impression with a very bold feature or benefit that is unique for your hotel in combination with great images.

This is again the reason why you must speak to, and cater for a very special group of people that will respond to your message - not just to anyone...

It will not cut it with.... Welcome to our beautiful hotel. We offer 10 luxury bungalows and 5 budget rooms, swimming pool and spa.

Every luxury hotel will offer something similar and this is nothing special for your hotel only.


Now you have their interest, what’s next...

Yes, now you have the right message to the right people and showing the right images and still you can’t expect them to book the first time they visit your website.

They will go to at least 15 other websites to check out their offer and your site might be lost in the competition. They might remember that there were a very attractive hotel with a great offer but now they forgot the name of the hotel and where they actually found it online.

You have done the homework online but you still have’t got the booking.


Catch them with a hook and bait!

Well, this is very much like fishing. When the fish is hanging around your boat, you better have a good hook and bait to catch them.

During their short visit to your website you better have a good bait that leads them to the hook. So what can that be...

You will have a form popping up on the screen or if you don’t like a pop-up form you can have a form on your website in a very dominant place. The form could offer something attractive like:

“How to get a Free Bottle Of Sparkling Wine” Sign up below!

“Get our Secret Accommodation Deals” Sign up below!

I think you get the point. Offer something that makes them likely to provide you with their Name and Email Address.


Now You have them in your hand.

Who do you think these people will be most likely to book? A hotel that they only saw once during 8 seconds on their website or the hotel that started to send them valuable information over a period of time?

Of cause you know the answer to that question, which is the reason why all big online businesses keep their prospects and clients constantly informed.

It’s a well known statistical fact that you need to remind people 7 - 9 times before they take action. This has to be good and valuable information about your product or service including a “Call To Action”.

Also keep in mind that not all of the people on your mailing list will be a guest at your hotel but if they keep hearing from you, your place will be the first they will recommend to their family and friends. Oh, I forgot to say that it is all going on AUTOPILOT!

To learn about all the benefits of this (Done For You) system that will make old and new clients coming back to you again and again, get more info here.

Apply your knowledge - nothing will happen without ACTION!


Mats Loefkvist

Miracle Marketing


P.S   If you need help to target your marketing and find the best ways of reaching your future clients, let us know… This is what we are here for.

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