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You might have overlooked one simple thing. Are you staying in contact with your guests who already know about you and value your service?

Did you know that in an average hotel, 80% of the income comes from repeat customers or customers referring and recommending the hotel or resort? Most of us think that sales and marketing is all about catching new customers with clever advertising and promotions.

Yes, it is important to always have your face out there attracting new people, but it is a very expensive way to only focus on new customers. I would say that 95% of all hotels are wasting lots of time and money just by not caring enough for their clients they already have.

  • Your customer already know you and you spent money to get him/her in the first place.
  • Your customer know your hotel or restaurant and had their individual experience with it.
  • your customer has family and friends they love to share their story with. Satisfied clients recommend their experience to at least 10 other people.
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So, why are 95% of all hotels not taking advantage of the most important FREE sales team available, which are your previous guests?


Can you imagine how much more free business that you could have if you just send your clients an email message at least once a month or perhaps every week to inform them about your latest offer, what's new in your hotel or that you have created a new product, adding value to your existing hotel or resort?

People love to hear from you and they love the small personal things about you. This is what makes you different from all other hotels or resorts and it's easily communicated with a good hotel email marketing software.


Let all your former clients and guests know that you are still there and they will be returning back to you. How much does it cost? Almost nothing.... I can hear you complaining.... No time, don’t know where to find all the email addresses, don’t know how to send it to all those people, have no idea about what to write.....


  • An online database system that continuously registers name and email address on autopilot.
  • Submission form (name, email) to be put on your website for anyone to sign-up for your newsletter or “Latest Deal Offer” etc.
  • Collection of names and email addresses from your previous guests (one time job).
  • Sign-up link to be used in all your emails, telling people to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Creation of a “Welcome Mail” after sign-up plus 3 Follow-up mails sent out weekly, introducing your hotel or resort with its unique features.
  • Broadcasting of special deals or messages at any time you want your customers to know. This is done for you, without any work from your side.
  • Automatic “Thank You” mail going out after your guest left your hotel or resort.

Every time your guests receive an email, it will look very personal. It will say Dear Peter, or Dear Anna, and it will look like the mail was only sent to them.

When someone sign up for your newsletter they are added to the list and will receive your monthly (or weekly) newsletter in the future. Your guests can automatically unsubscribe to your newsletter at any time.

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“I tell everyone that asks to use a Auto-responder.”

I had to drop you a note to express how excited I am about the results I’m having using an Auto-responder!

I tell my students all the time that the number one tool they need
to succeed on the Internet is a good auto-responder and email
management service. It’s more important than having a website!

  Jim Cockrum

Internet and eBay Entrepreneur and Teacher


“…incredible email delivery rates that no other service can provide.”

The Auto-responder works for me as “my little salesman,” consistently and accurately following up with my leads and prospects. I cannot tell you enough how much I know auto-responders work, as I get calls weekly from people saying, “Hey Jeff, I have been getting your emails for a few weeks, and I am ready to make a purchase!” Using opt-in forms, and getting incredible email delivery rates that no other service can provide, I can honestly say, this system has added significant revenue to my income, that I would have WORKED HARD to generate myself with phone calls and personal emails, typed by hand. My little “salesman” is a trooper, it never gets tired, sick, hungry, or breaks, and I am grateful for technology that makes it easier to work less and make more money.

  Jeff Mills

Goldmills Marketing, LLC


Yes, you can do it all yourself and start today or you can take my help to make sure that this very simple but extremely profitable marketing system will happen month after month. All I ask for is $39 US / month.

Please compare this rate to what you would pay for a one day newspaper advertising. Now you can do a targeted promotion once a week for a fraction of the price.


I have used this technique for about 10 years and it has been the single best marketing system in my business that I ever had and every email and name is worth a fortune. You can tell that I am excited about it....

For a short time I am offering you one of the most simple and incredible system that 95% of all hotels and resorts just not care to bother about. This system only, will take your hotel business and results to a new level. This will rapidly increase your direct bookings, saving you the ugly 20% commission you currently pay to OTA's (Online Travel Agents) and Travel Wholesalers.

I am so confident that it will help your business grow that I will refund the $39 US for every month during the first 60 days, if you are not satisfied. No question asked.

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