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About Us

Mats and Sia

Miracle Marketing

Apia, Samoa – South Pacific

Our Vision: Helping people and businesses to reach their highest goals and fulfill their life purpose.

Our Mission: To transforming passion, uniqueness and excellence of people into massive business success.

My life has always been about striving for amazing adventures and challenges making it a goal to reach them.

Starting from 4 years in the Swedish naval academy, then being a yacht captain at the age of 21, crossing the Atlantic ocean with just a compass and a sextant. Four years later I was in command of a 100 ft super luxury sailing yacht cruising with Hollywood stars.

My mind was then twisted by an Austrian girl that made me move to Vienna and get married. Not knowing the language I ended up in a reception in a 5-star hotel where I was kicked out, shortly after because I was too slow with computers.

I then decided to show the world that I could become a General Manager of a big hotel if I wanted, which happened 5 years later after having a top position as Director of Sales and Marketing in a 320 room 5-star hotel.

Life took me into hotel consulting work which I did for the Diesel clothing company when they started up a new designer hotel called the “Pelican Hotel” at the Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.

After a marriage that didn’t work out in Austria, I set out to fulfill my dream to live on a South Pacific island, eventually marrying a local girl. Together we have 8 kids in our family today.

I wanted to prove that you can do great business on a rock in the South Pacific and started a small traditional hotel with my wife, using modern internet technology and marketing. I was filling up my hotel with international guests, and nobody understood how I did it.

After being caught in a tsunami and lucky to be alive, my family and I moved from the beach, back to the capital city Apia.  I started Miracle Marketing in 2010 (after my daughter Miracle), letting out my full knowledge about the hotel business and internet marketing, helping struggling hotels, car rentals, and other firms in the South Pacific to reach outstanding results.

My biggest reward is to see your hotel, resort or any business being very successful through my work which usually will create significant results for my clients.

I am looking forward to being working with you.

Mats Loefkvist

* The girl on the photo is my wife, Sia…

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